So you’ve decided you wanted to start advertising your business or service online. There is a simple checklist you should start with to see if you will benefit and by how much. We’ll go in to the different types of advertising and the potential returns here for you so you can try and make sense of it.

When deciding which route to go with advertising your business, you might think it’s cheaper to perform your own marketing, web design, or product design. This is a normal thought that most individuals have, even start-ups and large businesses alike think it will cheaper to make their own website and market their fantastic new product, this is usually counter intuitive though.

When you build a website, it might look fancy and pretty with all the twists, turns and shiny bits you want but what’s happening in the background?

There is a lot to do to get a good functional website and to make sure it gets the attention you need. Making it look nice is only the start of it. A simple functional website of a few pages can be made by a professional such as us, it won’t break the bank and we perform all the relevant searches. We will also use the best keywords and tricks to make sure it functions and performs as you need.

So how much does it cost?

Using the 3 simple page format, we would charge around £200-400 depending on the content and type of website design. We would put around 10 functional hours to get the core of the website up and running, designed as you want and ready to go. These costs and times are with professionals building your site to a very high standard.  Someone with no experience could easily take 50+ hours and still not get the same result.

The cost of the website alone is often worth it as it might give you time to do some marketing or other business related tasks. What if you had Kriate Digital Marketing perform weekly or monthly digital marketing at the same time? This is when you are really freed up to make your mark on the world with your products or services.

Rather than sitting on the sofa all night, every night not getting anywhere, let us do the hard work for you.

Digital Marketing, web design, website builder
Marketing, product design, website creation, digital marketing

To break it down simply, you just have to look at a few things when considering whether to pay someone to build your website and and perform your digital marketing.


Would you benefit from professional website and marketing services?

Do you have other areas of your business to concentrate on?

  • If YES, let us build or re-design your website. If NO, give it a try and if it doesn’t work get in contact.

Do you really know how to build a proper functional website that looks as you want it?

  • If YES, give it a try and if it doesn’t go well get in contact. If NO, let us build your website and market it for you. 

Do you already have a marketing or IT department?

  • NO, get contact and let’s discuss your needs and requirements. If YES and they are not performing well, get on contact and let us perform an audit on your performance. We can advise on where you can improve.

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