Logo & Artwork Design

Kriate Web Design are proud of our logo and artwork design, our staff over the years have worked on some on of the largest brand names in the world from Vodafone to HSBC all the way to start-ups. Rest assured, we have the experience to help you create the logo you need for your business.

Maybe you already have a logo but it needs adjusting or a re-design, get in contact with us and we can help you make the changes you desire.

Not only do we create company logos, we create artwork for websites, product releases and more. We can even help you with product mock-ups.

We start with a simple sketch using the old fashioned method of pencil and paper, once we are happy with stage one we create it digitally and discuss options with you. Adjustments are made as required until the final artwork files are handed over to you for future use. We do not keep the hi-resolution files to ourselves, essentially holding you to ransom, they are yours!

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Windows or Mac?

We understand that not everyone has a Mac and sometimes having PSD or AI files doesn’t help, because of this we have the ability to create your artwork design on either iOS or Windows. This means you never have to worry about not being able to open you master files, when we start the planning stage we will ask which you would prefer.

Click the button above to get in contact and discuss your artwork needs. We don’t charge for advice!