Pay Per Click

So you’ve decided your business needs to follow the trend and put some money in to advertising?

Advertising online usually means you are going to run a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign or use social media for your advertising. These are the two main types that people use when trying to push their business online.

Is one better than the other?

Will I still get organic growth on search engines?


Pay per click is a very useful and successful form or advertising, once you decide on your budget that is. Pay per click revolves around the use of specific keywords your websites uses to get visits. Once you have these keywords and you know where you want your customers to land on your website, you can start to prepare the campaign.

You need to decide if the specific keyword or words is enough to fight off the thousands or more competitors also using these keywords for their campaigns. When you see an ad at the top of Google search page, it’s part of a Pay Per Click campaign. They have paid Google a set amount of money to be shown to those who search for specific things (keywords). So you need to make sure your keywords are going to produce results and not just cost you money. Some keywords can cost £££ just for one click! Do you have that kind of budget available?

It will always be a choice of how much to spend and what to spend it on. We prepare a keyword breakdown for your business, highlighting the best keywords to use for the best return in your budget.

Social Media campaigns are a little more cost effective but don’t have the same reach. You might spend £10 on a single ad and it will reach 100 people. Of those 100 people, only 1 might click through to your website. If that one person makes you a profit via a purchase and that is over the ad cost then the ad worked. It didn’t work very well but it worked all the same.

Still, when done correctly social media ads can be very powerful and reach many thousands of potential customers.

A lot of people find social media ads difficult to arrange, get in tough if you need help or advice and we can start your campaign for you.

Organic Growth

Once you have got your advert running and you are seeing results over the few months, you’ll want to see your website start to move up in Google rankings. This isn’t as straight forward as it used to be and I’ll explain why in another post as it’s a big topic.

Every time someone clicks on your web link or navigates to your site via direct search, your website is growing “Organically”. Organic growth is non paid growth of your business web presence. This can take a long time but is so important. This is how you’ll get to the true top of Google search page.

You can reach the top of Google just by paying a huge amount of money but you really want to be at the organic top of Google. This is the first listing under the paid ads. Like I’ve said though, this takes a long time but is worth the effort.

We had one customer who didn’t want to run any paid advertising and just wanted organic growth. It’s taken 2 years but with us working on their keywords and site design but they are now number one. The first listing on their chosen keyword and business is booming for them. We still need to do keyword work on the site every now and then to keep it relevant though.

If you want us to perform a keyword audit of your website and start an ad campaign or Organic Growth audit, get in touch and let’s get your business booming too.

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