Inbound marketing provides information, an improved customer experience and builds trust by offering potential customers information they value via company sponsored newsletters, blogs and entries on social media platforms.

The above is Inbound Marketing in it’s simplest form, taken from Wikipedia.

When you break it down to what it actually means, you’ll find that Inbound Marketing is the process of getting customers to your product or service by using social media marketing, newsletters, publications and search engines etc. This is very different from outbound marketing in the way that Inbound Marketing doesn’t need to fight for the customers attention, instead, the content created draws the customers to your business, product or service.



This is the process of getting the customers to your company site, by either social media, search engine, blog posting or something along those lines.

Once they are on your site, you need to supply them with the information they need for your product or service.

If the customer is happy with the content they will consider hiring or buying your product.

With the basket abandonment rate going up each year, people do more research for products to make sure they are paying the best price. If you can’t offer the best price, maybe you can offer better service?


Once you have the customer on your site, you need to get them to spend their moneu or use your service.

You need to show what benefits your product has or what your service offers that others don’t. Don’t leave it to them to figure it out, tell them why your product is better or service is the one they should be using.

You can talk to your potential customers by online Web chat, contact form, social media messages etc. This will make sure they always have the means to contact you either for questions or to purchase directly.


Once the potential customer is happy, they are going to hopefully order your prouduct or use your service. Once they do, that’s called “closing”.

It doesn’t stop there though, after closing the sale you need to make sure that your new customer stays with you in the future. Thiseans you have to offer after sales service that keeps them informed or entertained.

Getting customers to review your product or service is important, it helps you learn a out what your customers actually want or need. You must engage your customers and be open about an issues that arise, not hide from them and hope they go away.

With the above in mind, imboud marketing is so important that every business needs to make sure they deal with this element.

If you are unsure of how to deal with this side of your business plan, contact today to dicuss your needs.

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