So we’ve touched on Inbound Marketing, so now it’s time to look at what Outbound Marketing is and how it’s very different to the former.

So Inbound is where you draw potentials in to your website, business or product and convert to sales that way. Outbound is where you try to push your message out to potential customers by means of trade shows, cold calling and mass email marketing.

The biggest problem with outbound marketing is that a lot of people are considering it spam. No one likes lots of unsolicited email in their inbox everyday and with GDPR in effect, people are taking control. Outbound Marketing can be considered, by a lot of people, as rude and a bit “in your face”.

It does have a place though but a business has to be careful. Make sure not to annoy your potential customers with endless ranting. Instead it should be done in collaboration with Inbound marketing, that way the potentials have a chance to make choices before interacting.

Image Credit: B2B marketing experience

As you can see from the above image, it’s very important to combine both Inbound and Outbound marketing. Make sure your potential customers are engaged with your business but in a non offensive way, that brings them closer to you and your content.

Outbound marketing can also be very costly if not done right. Spending money on TV advertising when you are only a small startup is not a particularly good form of marketing as the outlay is so high.

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